Chandra was self taught from a time where information was hard to obtain. She was an eclectic witch and a Priestess, then following up as an Elder, in one of the first online covens. She has written coven newsletters, professional tarot reading, written and performed group circles, and acted as a reverend and spiritual counselor including working with inmates through correspondence. She frequently uses herbal and alternative medicine in her daily life. She writes Pagan related material for beginners, along with her own circles and spells. Teaching two generation of witches, her pagan course is given with one-on-one teaching and guidance as her students chose their your own style and path ...

Ostara: Overview for Beginners

With Ostara quickly coming up on us, I thought I would write a brief overview about this holiday. First, let me say that I personally found the change from the standard holidays to the pagan ones was the hardest part of the transition of my faith.  I was always pagan and just did not know it.  Continue reading “Ostara: Overview for Beginners”