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Charissa’s Cauldron

Charissa's Cauldron

Charissa’s Cauldron

We had the very fortunate opportunity to try and review the essences at Charissa’s Cauldron.  Not intending to take any focus away from these essences, but this woman needs a little attention herself. This Lady is Awesome! She is a great person to have as an ally. But, I am going to review her essences now. 🙂 Just wanted to cover that first.

As you all should know by now, I have a 8 month old daughter. I love her with all my heart, but her nickname is ‘Monster’. She is the cutest little bundle of intelligence, curiosity, and speed. I am way out ranked. Due to this, I chose to try some of the stress type essences. Namely, Curly Dock Flower for regaining your center in crisis, hop trefoil flower for stress relief, and milky quartz for looking at things with a child-like clarity. I tried them all together for a month. I will be honest. They have a little alcohol for the preservative value, and it could just be the fact I was taking a couple drops of vodka four time a day but I did hold myself together better and my roomie that was trying the same mixture showed signs of mood change leaning him to chill out more when me and my daughter were driving him nuts. I even got a few ‘free naps’ out of the results. It took about a week to really notice the changes, but being sensitive I definitely felt it and it was awesome.
Over the last couple of months, I had several members of the clan try different ones. We all experienced positive results. There was one in particular. My roomie has severe depression and anxiety. I have been taking care of him for about 7 years. When we first moved to our new place, it was like pulling teeth to find him a new doctor and one of the medicines for anxiety and mood swings could not be filled until he saw a doctor. He was off of them for about three weeks. I do not, in any way, condone these essences as a substitute for proper treatment instead of a doctor’s experience and expertise. However, desperate times call for desperate measures and I had him use the Impatiens Flower Essence. It was not a miraculous cure but it helped so much in taking the edge off. For someone that has been effected by mental impairments or illness knows that alone is monumental.
We give Charissa’s Cauldron and Charissa, both a huge thumbs up. Go check it out!
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