Swag Bags and Sample Advertisement!


Swag Bags and Sample Advertisement!

As a business owner, one of the hardest challenges I have faced is marketing. I am a little bit of an introvert and I am not that great at selling myself. That’s what you do when you are an artist. You sell yourself. Your very industry is based on opinion. Exposure is an important thing.  So, I found help.  I joined a great team called Pagan Business Network, and have learned so much.  One of the best benefits of this group are the advertisement opportunities.

We often do not have a lot of money to advertise ourselves and our businesses but with a few friends and some creativity we can really stretch out that exposure. With PBN, we do something we affectionately call “swag bags”.

Swag Bags!

There are members who collect samples from the participating members and stuff them into bags. After the bags are filled they are shipped to those business that are attending conferences, festivals, and Pagan Pride Day events. Once the bags are at these events, they are passed around to the attendees. The attendees then open the bags and gaze in wonderment at all the wonderful items! The last and final step: They come and check out our websites, and shops, and our Facebook pages, etc. 🙂

Sounds too easy, right? Beware! It gets even easier. Right now, you are looking at your shop and thinking ‘What in the world can I send?’ All of a sudden, you are pricing mini cups for gooey stuff, little boxed and baggies for dry or hard things, you are thinking of labels, and coupons, and cards. Then the whole thing has been thrown through the roof and you are sitting there, dumb-founded and over-whelmed. Here is the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. You don’t need all that stuff. You can if you want, but it is really not necessary.
Let’s think simply here. You are creative, you are obviously talented, and you only need to get your name in their hands. How do we do that?
Business cards from some our awesome participating businesses.
1. Business cards – of course! Some of the people out there only need to learn that we exist. We are here and we are creative, helpful, and work to fill their need whether it be an
item or a service.
2. Sample – samples are great! They let the potential customer see what we do and our skill. They can touch it, and see it, and try it (in some cases) Sometimes though, samples and business cards are just not feasible. Especially, for the really small businesses that have just spent their last $20 and ran through their last 25 business cards.

3. Flyers – If you can write your to-do list down on a paper and it serves the job, why do we

Why not make a flyer?

convince ourselves we need to have top-dollar quality printing to get our name out there? Why not make a flyer? Add a picture or logo and get creative! Add a coupon! Make it cute or funny! Make it informative! Put your info on it and Viola! More people know you are there now!

4. Gifts – gifts are awesome! Who in this world does not like gifts? From new cars to little trinkets, a surprise gift is so cool when you are not expecting it. Throw in an idea that people can have fun with. Me and my friend used to have a game when we went to a restaurant. We always got the complimentary crayons and coloring sheet they have for kids. We would draw and color and do the little games and it was fun. You can’t afford or is

Who in this world does not like gifts?

it just not feasible to give away samples? Give a little gift instead! Whether it is a little packet of your favorite herb or stone or something fun like a cute little toy, it will be well received and it grabbed their attention. All you need is to grab their attention. The best way to come up with feasible and frugally-priced gifts are party favors. Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, you can find all sorts of inexpensive and easily produced, creative ideas. They do not have to do anything with your business or what you carry so have fun with it!

Stay tuned for other ways the let Pagan Business Network help you to market yourself and get more for your money! And hey! Come check out my shop and Facebook!  Peace out!
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