Imbolc Greetings!


Imbolc Greetings!

Imbolc Greetings to you and yours!  For those that do not know, Imbolc is a very sacred holiday to me. It was not always so.

My sister passed away on Imbolc in 2013. Her influence in my life taught me very valuable lessons. She was not the easiest sister to have, and I still miss her. She taught me how to understand others on a deeper level, looking past the frustration and agitation, yet still being able to protect myself from their chaos. She was insanely nostalgic and clung to family with a very heavy hand. In this, she taught me to appreciate the past but to let go of what does not serve me as a person. She taught me not to give and give until there was nothing left for me.  Don’t get me wrong, she stayed in my freezer most of the time. ( not literally, there is actually a freezer spell that keeps people from messing with you) But with as hard as she was to have around, I am still a better person having known her.

Since that Imbolc, my life has been turbulent (to say the least). Growth and change has always been the abundant result though. I am sure this Imbolc will be no different and I will be honoring her tonight as well as this will be the first Imbolc that I assert my will for the betterment for myself, my family, and my friends, Thanks, Steph, I miss you.

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Sadie, mother of two, crafter, gardener, and herbal witch, co-owns Sleeping Gryphon, which she and her partner built from scratch. A life long learning of witchcraft has brought her many teaching and counseling opportunities. Keeping an eye on the pulse of the Pagan community both local and abroad, Sadie stays connected with a path and with people that continue to inspire her.

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